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Ambient now offers an AI-powered replacement for the giant Google Doc/OneNote/Notion page you are using to manage your recurring meetings

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Just about every Chief of Staff, Head of Ops, and other functional leader manually maintains a giant Google Docs/OneNote for recurring meetings.

Ambient now automatically generates and updates that document for you!

Meeting Series pages are comprised of 3️⃣ elements:

  1. πŸ“ˆ AI-powered Insights to help you run better meetings (coming soon!)

  2. βœ… Action Items that are rolled up from meetings within the series

  3. ⏳ Timeline of past meeting summaries

⚑️ Everything in this document is automatically kept up-to-date. ⚑️

How to Enable Meeting Series

πŸ“… Connect your calendar to Ambient and we'll automatically detect recurring meetings on your calendar and generate a canonical landing page for each series.

We will then join meetings in those series and generate meeting summaries with action items, owners, and key dates.

New Meeting Management Workflow

Start Each Meeting by Closing Out Action Items

When you return to the next meeting in that series, you will have a filtered set of action items to close the loop on and AI-powered insights to give you a starting point for the meeting's agenda.

Be Fully Present to Facilitate

Instead of manually updating that giant Google Doc you as the meeting facilitator can stay 100% focused and present on facilitating a great meeting that leads to clear ownership of action items.

Once the meeting is done you will have a clean and tight meeting summary with a table of action items with owners and key dates, auto-generated by AI.

Quickly Share Notes and Actions

You can use the built-in sharing feature to easily distribute meeting notes and next steps to meeting participants, keeping them in sync.

πŸš€ Suggestion: Add Your Meeting Series Page URL to Your Calendar Events

  1. Add this page's URL to your recurring calendar event for visibility by others.

  2. Open this page to start the meeting and review past-due and upcoming Action Items!

If this page is blank that's because you haven't recorded a new meeting within the series just yet.

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