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How to Share Meeting Summaries with Anyone
How to Share Meeting Summaries with Anyone

Use Ambient's Advanced Sharing to Send Meeting Summaries to Stakeholders via Email

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We have introduced our new Advanced Sharing Workflow, allowing you to share summaries with anyone—both inside and outside your organization—simply by adding their email addresses to the share list.

Why You'll Love It

  • Get Everyone on the Same Page: No more back-and-forth emails to ensure everyone has the meeting takeaways.

  • Flexible Sharing: Share with team members or external parties.

How It Works

  1. Create your meeting summary using Ambient.

  2. Go to your drafts and click on the summary you want to edit and share. Then click 'Edit and Publish'.

  3. Add the email addresses of the people you wish to share with.

  4. Click 'Create Post.'

  5. 📨 People on the share list will receive an email alert with a link to the summary!

🎥 Check out this quick demo

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