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Ambient Product Update: February 1, 2024
Ambient Product Update: February 1, 2024

Action Item Sorting/Creation, Zapier Connection, and Recurring Meeting Series Management

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🎁 New Features

  • Streamlined Action Sorting: Easily sort actions by creation date, putting the latest tasks right at the top. Paired with bulk edits, managing your actions is faster than ever.

  • Dashboard Action Items: Now, you can directly create action items from the dashboard, no meeting required. Perfect for those moments when you need to capture tasks from emails or messages instantly.

  • Enhanced Zapier Integration: Our Zapier connector just got better! It now carries additional metadata, allowing you to send meeting titles, dates, summaries, and action items to any system supported by Zapier.

  • Generate Meeting Summary PDFs for Sharing: You can generate a PDF of the meeting summary page and share with colleagues. Click to view how-to guide.

🏗️ Integration Spotlight: Zapier

Unlock the full potential of our Zapier integration to automate your workflow:

  1. Automatically create action items in tools like Asana, Notion,, ClickUp, Jira, and many more.

  2. Effortlessly send meeting summaries to Slack or Teams channels.

🐞 Recent Bug Fixes

  • Resolved sorting issues by action item owner.

  • Addressed Teams bots not capturing complete meeting audio.

  • Improved first-time user experience with bot summoning.

🎱 What’s Next?

  • Scheduled Bot Management: If you’ve got your calendar integrated with Ambient you’ll soon have the ability to dismiss those bots from meetings as they’re happening.

  • Meeting Series Management: A game-changer is on the horizon! Say goodbye to those lengthy docs for recurring meetings. Our upcoming feature will keep all action items and summaries organized on a single page that updates itself.

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