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How to Generate a Meeting Summary PDF for Easy Distribution
How to Generate a Meeting Summary PDF for Easy Distribution

A simple workflow for getting Ambient's summary and action items into your team's inbox

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Efficiently share the essence of your meetings—Ambient's summaries and action items—directly to your team's inbox, adapting to your company's communication culture. As the meeting owner, it's crucial to manage both documentation and follow-ups effectively. This guide provides a straightforward method to create and distribute a meeting summary PDF.

Generating a PDF Summary

Step 1: Prepare the Meeting Summary

Ensure your meeting summary is finalized and ready for distribution. This involves reviewing the summary for accuracy and completeness.

Step 2: Initiate the Print Action

In your web browser, navigate to the Ambient meeting summary you wish to share and select the "Print" option. This can typically be found in the browser's menu or by pressing CTRL + P (Windows) or CMD + P (Mac).

Step 3: Configure Print Settings

When the print dialog appears, adjust the following settings for optimal PDF creation:

  • Destination: Choose "Save as PDF" or a similar option.

  • Layout: Set to "Portrait" to ensure the document aligns correctly on the page.

  • Background Graphics: Enable the option to include background images in your PDF, adding visual elements and any important context they provide.

  • Scale: Adjust to 75% or to your preference, ensuring all content is visible and legibly sized.

Step 4: Save and Distribute the PDF

Click the "Save" button to generate your PDF file. You can now attach this PDF to an email, providing a comprehensive and easily accessible meeting summary to your team or stakeholders.

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