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Getting Started with Meeting Summaries
Getting Started with Meeting Summaries

Steps to enable twine Ambient to record and summarize Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings

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Creating Meeting Summaries Using a Bot

Taking notes during meetings is tedious work that leaves the note taker disengaged from the conversation. And, if you weren't in the meeting good luck trying to catch up on what you missed.

With twine Ambient's AI-powered meeting summary feature everyone on and off the call gets easy access to the meeting summary without taking notes.

We provide support for meeting summaries in Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams using meeting bots.

Using a meeting bot is easy, we provide you with three options on how to get started.

Option 1: Provide Us With a Meeting Link

If you have an existing or soon-to-be-created meeting, you can provide us with the meeting link. This gives our meeting bot a location to join.


  1. Copy and paste a Zoom, Meet, or Teams meeting URL into this box in Ambient

  2. Click "Invite" and we'll send a bot to join that meeting

  3. Come back to Ambient for status updates on your bot. It can take a few moments for the bot to join!

Option 2: Use Our Zoom App (link to download)

Zoom is a popular video conference app; our easy-to-install plugin lets you summon our meeting bot quickly and easily. After downloading the plugin, you'll be able to use it for every meeting you run.


  1. Install our Zoom App

  2. Open our Zoom App in a meeting you host (see additional help article)

  3. Hit the red Record button

  4. A bot will join - allow it into your meeting and grant it permissions

    1. If you're unsure about your Local Recording permission, see this article

Option 3: Connect Your Google Calendar and Configure Automatic Recording Preferences

If you are already using Google Calendar for syncing your meeting agenda and details, you can connect this to our meeting bot. This allows us to automatically join and create summaries of every meeting you've scheduled via Google Calendar.


  1. Click "Sign in with Google" and select the same account you used for Ambient

  2. Choose from our auto-join preferences

    1. Based on your selection we will send a bot to schedule calendar events that contain a meeting link

Ready to Start Summarizing Your Meetings?

Now that you know the different ways to invite a meeting bot to join your meeting, you can start summarizing your meetings and save the time and energy needed to manually take notes and summarize each and every one.

Get started now and organize your important conversations today!

Still need help? We're here for you! Send us a note at or schedule some time with a twine expert here.

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