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How to Automatically Summarize Your Meetings with Ambient
How to Automatically Summarize Your Meetings with Ambient

Connect your Google or Outlook calendar to Ambient to automate meeting assistants joining your meetings

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Here's how to connect your calendar

1. Navigate to the settings panel on your account.

2. Select 'Calendar' from the list of options.

3. Choose your calendar provider from the list and click 'Continue'. We support Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

4. Follow the prompts to authorize access to your calendar.

We only request permission to view your calendar data. We only use this data to determine what meetings to show up to, what meetings to join, and to assign tasks to the correct participant in the meeting.

Google Calendar (IMPORTANT to check the box next to, "View events on all your calendars")

Microsoft Outlook

5. Set the rules to determine which calendar events Ambient attends.

Once your calendar is connected, your events will automatically sync and you can view them directly from your account.

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