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Data Redaction to Align with Your Company’s Data Retention Policies
Data Redaction to Align with Your Company’s Data Retention Policies
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In the digital age, data management and compliance with data retention policies are crucial for maintaining privacy and security. Businesses need robust solutions to ensure they are handling data correctly, especially when it comes to the deletion and redaction of sensitive information.

Why Data Redaction Is Essential for Compliance

Data redaction is not just a technical necessity but a compliance requirement in many industries. Companies must have clear policies on how data are managed and when they should be deleted to align with legal and ethical standards.

New Feature: Custom Data Retention Periods

We developed a dynamic feature that allows customers to customize when their meeting data, including recordings and transcripts, are deleted to comply with their internal data retention policies.

Example Use Case

For instance, a financial technology company might require that all meeting recordings and transcripts are deleted every 14 days to align with stringent industry regulations regarding data retention.

How Ambient Supports Custom Data Retention Needs

Ambient now provides enhanced capabilities to support your organization’s specific data retention strategies, offering flexibility and control over your data management processes.

How to Access This Feature

Available for Business Tier Customers

This feature is available on our Business Tier.

Upgrade or Inquire

If you’re an existing customer on Pro and want to include this feature please contact us at!

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