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Ambient Product Update: March 15, 2024
Ambient Product Update: March 15, 2024

AI Insights from Meeting Series; Hide the meeting assistant

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Hi there — we've got a few updates to share + a peak into what's around the corner! Let's dive in:

🎁 New Features

🎱 AI Insights for Meeting Series

Ambient now surfaces trending topics by analyzing recent meetings within a recurring series.

View your meeting series here:

🤖 Hide the meeting assistant when it joins

You want Ambient to capture important meeting details but you might not want Ambient shown front-and-center.

Now Ambient will hide itself once the assistant is in a good state of summarizing.

By default this is enabled. You can disable the feature by going here:

🐞 Other Enhancements & Bug Fixes

⚡️ Send action items and meeting summaries to any project management, communication, or collaboration system. You can even draft an email from the meeting notes! Check out our connector here:

🐞Sometimes when you clicked on the ‘x’ on someone’s email in the Share List we removed the wrong person. This is now fixed (thanks, Charlie!)

✏️ Office Hours: How to get the MOST time savings from Ambient

What you’ll learn: Stay in the flow of meeting facilitation with Ambient.

We’ll get hands-on with 3️⃣ workflows that Ambient automates: capturing ad hoc AND recurring meetings, saving time with recurring meetings, and setting up integrations with other systems.

Grab a spot, drop in for as long as you need, and get hands-on help:

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