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Ambient Product Update: February 20, 2024
Ambient Product Update: February 20, 2024
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🎁 New Features

Dismiss Calendar Bots from Dashboard + Shortcuts - Watch Video

Control Your Scheduled (Calendar) Bots from the Dashboard

Sometimes you want your calendar bots to go away. Previously only the meeting host could remove it.​

Now you’ll see a widget on your dashboard when you have active calendar bots. You can dismiss the bot from this widget.

Shortcuts to Publish/Share from Drafts

Introducing three quick actions to speed up post-meeting processing: publish, edit, and delete.

➡️ Navigate to your drafts to try it out (click here)

🐞 Recent Bug Fixes

Patched an Issue with Scheduled (Calendar) Bots
Some users have experienced issues with calendar bots not showing up. We’ve deployed a fix to this. Refresh your scheduled bots by navigating to your calendar settings then disconnect and reconnect your calendar.

🎱 What’s Next?

Meeting Series Management: This is now available in beta, reply to this email if you'd like to get early access!

Add/remove meeting bots directly on your calendar: You'll soon be able to control bots overlayed on your calendar for granular control.

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