twine for Zoom: Security Details

High level overview of the security features of twine for Zoom

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twine makes it easy for Zoom hosts to create connection by enabling advanced breakout rooms and speed networking.

Oftentimes, we are asked about the security details and features of the twine for Zoom app.

Built within the Zoom ecosystem, our app inherits many of Zoom's security features and if Zoom is already approved for your organization, using our Zoom app is even easier.

twine for Zoom security features:

  • The twine for Zoom app is fully contained within the Zoom ecosystem and architecture; if Zoom is approved in your organization, you should be able to use the Zoom apps.

  • Participants joining a twine for Zoom via Guest Mode do not have to install the twine for Zoom app. In guest mode, only a user's screen name is collected to facilitate matchmaking.

  • There is no Web portal for twine for Zoom, all current functionality is built into the Zoom client.

  • We do not store any data beyond domain name, email (for those who have installed the app), and product engagement data.

  • Users have no way to upload content into our app.

We hope this information was helpful, but if you have additional feedback, questions, or comments, please contact us at or join our office hours with our Customer Success team and they'd be happy to give you a hand.

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