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Custom Icebreakers & Facilitating Breakout Rooms
Custom Icebreakers & Facilitating Breakout Rooms

This article provides instructions on how to use twine and Zoom's screen sharing features to moderate and facilitate your breakout sessions.

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As a meeting host, once you place participants in breakout rooms, you likely want to help facilitate the activities and discussions that take place in each breakout room.

Since you cannot be in all the rooms at once, here are a few tools & features you can use to facilitate the conversations in the breakout rooms.

  1. twine for Zoom pre-programmed icebreakers: In the twine for Zoom app, we have included a library of pre-programmed icebreaker questions that can be used to help spark dialogue and conversation.

    Once in their breakout rooms, participants can initiate the icebreakers via the app by clicking "Start Icebreakers".

  2. Using Zoom's Screen Share Functionality: Another way to facilitate conversations in your breakouts is to use Zoom's screen share feature.

    Once your participants are in their breakouts, click the "Share Screen" icon in the Zoom menu and then check off "Share to breakout rooms".

    Once you do this, your participants will all see your screen in the breakout rooms. Use this function to add your own icebreakers, custom discussion topics, or announcements to a slide and share them into breakout rooms to facilitate the discussion.
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  3. Broadcast Audio to Breakout Rooms: Zoom recently released a feature where the meeting host can broadcast an audio message into all breakout rooms.

    Once you open breakout rooms, click on the "Breakout Rooms" icon in the Zoom menu, click "Broadcast" and select "Broadcast Voice". Using this feature, you can guide participants through their conversations with voice prompts.

    We hope this information was helpful, but if you have additional feedback, questions, or comments, please contact us at or join our office hours with our Customer Success team and they'd be happy to give you a hand.


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