twine for Zoom: Participant Experience

This article walks you through the participant experiences and provides tips for hosts to guide guests through using twine.

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twine makes it easy for Zoom hosts to create connection by enabling advanced breakout rooms and speed networking.

When you, as the host of a meeting, launch and run twine for Zoom, the participant is taken through the following experience.

  1. Invited to Open the App: When you click the "Share timer" button to share the timer with guests, they will see one of two prompts. If they do not have the app installed, they will be prompted to use the app in Guest Mode. If they do have the app, they will be prompted to open the app.

    πŸ’‘ WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: In order for participants to see the timer, view the ice breakers, or move themselves to tables, they need to be able to interact with the app. Until they are invited to open the app by the host, they cannot use it.

  2. App Opens for Participant: Once they click "Open", the app will open on the side of their Zoom client with a message indicating that they're waiting for the host to start the breakout.

  3. Set Up Your Breakout: The next step will be to select which matchmaking mode you wish to run and setup your breakout rooms. Once that's done, click Launch and participants will be placed into breakouts.
    ​NOTE: As the host, you will not be matched, and you will stay in the main room. If you are doing 1-on-1 networking, and there are an odd number of meeting participants, one person will be left in the main room with you.

    ​Host View:

  4. Participants Are Placed Into Breakouts: Once they're in a breakout, participants can see the timer, start the ice breaker questions, or use the "map" view to see which rooms the other participants are in. If you are using the Visual Breakouts mode, participants will be able to join a room.

    Participant view of map showing breakout rooms:

    Participant view of visual breakout mode:

    πŸ’‘ IMPORTANT TIME: When the app cannot find a match for a participant (odd number of participants, they've already met with everyone, etc.), the guest will receive a prompt to return to the main session.
    The participant must accept this prompt by clicking "Join" or the app will not be able to move them and they'll be left in the breakout room, which can cause groups of 3 or more to form during 1-on-1 networking.

  5. Ending Matchmaking: Once you click "End Matchmaking", participants are all brought back to the main session and once again, see the main home screen.

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