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twine for Zoom Mode: Visual Breakouts

An overview of how to use visual breakouts in twine for Zoom. Great for participant driven conversations, table topics & open networking

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twine makes it easy for Zoom hosts to create connection by enabling advanced breakout rooms and speed networking.

Visual breakouts allow you to create a visual representation of your Zoom breakout rooms. Each breakout room is represented as a table and can be labelled, allowing guests to move freely between tables based on their interests, departments, or teams.

Visual Breakouts allow participants to "scan the room" and join a table. As a host, you can control the size of each table (room) and the name of the table. Anyone using twine for Zoom can now see where other attendees are and move themselves to a table.

How to Setup & Create Visual Breakouts:

  1. From the home screen, click "Create a Breakout"

  2. Select "Visual Breakouts" from the left hand menu

  3. On this next screen, input your breakout room (table) settings:

    • Breakout Name

    • Room Setup: Number of rooms (tables)

    • Edit the table names by selecting the "Edit" button

    • Group size: how many seats you'd like at each table

      When you select the "Edit" button, a menu will pop up and prompt you to label your rooms (tables). You can label each of your tables and then click "Save room names"

  4. When everything is setup, click "Launch" and the app will generate a visual representation of your breakout rooms as tables.

  5. Anyone that has the app installed or is using the app in guest mode will be able to join a table by clicking the "Join" button on that table. Everyone in the app will see their profile icon move into the room they are in.

  6. If a participant is not using the app (ie. they are on mobile, web, etc.), their profile icon in the attendee bar is going to be grey. As the host, you can manually move them into a table (room) by using the Zoom breakout room manager, accessible on the Zoom menu bar.

  7. The breakout room manager will show anyone who has not joined a room as "Unassigned" and you can manually assign them to a room.

  8. To close the breakout rooms and bring everyone back to the main room, click "End breakout".

    We hope this information was helpful, but if you have additional feedback, questions, or comments, please contact us at or join our office hours with our Customer Success team and they'd be happy to give you a hand.

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