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What are Rooms and how do they work?

Rooms are where conversations take place within a space. You can think of a twine room in a literal sense...there's a start and end time when the room is open, anyone can enter the room when it's open to match with others within the room, and once the room is closed the conversations end.

You can have as many rooms as you'd like running or scheduled in the future. Once a room opens, users you invite are able to enter (if you choose to enable a pin-code on a room then users must provide the code in order to enter).

As people enter the room they will be matched with each other for timed conversations. When someone wants to exit the room they will be asked to share basic feedback.

How to Create a Room

Step 1: Create Your Room

As a space admin you are able to create rooms in the twine studio. Navigate to Rooms in your left side bar > select Create Room.

Step 2: Enter Room Details

The basics of a room include:

  1. Name (eg. Team Happy Hour, New Team Member Onboarding)

  2. Add an intro video...let your guests know what to expect. Record or upload one.

  3. Convo Details

    1. Max guests per conversation...this can be anywhere from 2 to 5 people

    2. Convo duration (in minutes) long should each conversation be. We've found the sweet spot for groups of 3-5 people to be 8 minutes.

  4. Topics...Set the room's intention with specific Topics/Questions

  5. Group based matching...create groups so your guests can get matched based on criteria(s) that you've set (only available in a 1:1 match).

  6. Start/End Time...this determines when the room is accessible...Anyone can join the room after the start time and before the end time.

  7. Passcode...Want to host a room just for a certain group of people? Create a room with a code and share that ahead of time...5-character limitation

Step 3: Manage and Share Your Rooms

Once you've created your Room, you'll see it displayed in your space with a few further options:

  1. Edit...make changes to your room before the meeting takes place

  2. Share...sending the Room URL to team members makes it easy for them – all they have to do is click and sign in, then they're in!

  3. Embed...find the embed code to add this to your website

  4. Archive...if you no longer need the Room, archive it. If the meeting has already taken place, you'll still be able to see all of the data, however, access will be removed from all guests.

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