How to Create your First Space

twine Spaces are the home base for your team or community

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What's a Space?

You can think of Spaces as the digital home for your company, team, or community. Spaces contain Rooms, which is where your colleagues gather to converse over meaningful topics/questions.

How to Create Your First Space in twine

Step 1: Sign into the twine studio -

Step 2: Click "Become a Host"

This will prompt you to create your first space in twine.

Once you've created the space, it will automatically be selected as the default Space for you to work in (to switch between Spaces, click 'View all spaces' in the top left corner).

Step 3: Get Started Creating Rooms

Now that you've created a space within twine it's time to set up your networking rooms. Check out this article on How to Create Rooms.

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