twine AV Troubleshooting Guide
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Prior to entering a twine networking session please be sure to check your camera and mic settings. twine is a mic on, camera on experience so it's important that you can be seen and heard.

Should you encounter an AV issue when in a twine conversation select the gear icon to adjust your camera, mic, and speaker settings.

If you continue to encounter an issue please review this short list of troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you are on a supported browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari)

  2. Make sure another app is not using your device mic or camera. Close out of other apps that use your mic & camera (like MS Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet)

  3. If you are using an external speaker or mic try updating your audio configuration via the gear icon in twine

  4. Check that you are not on a system blocking twine, turn off VPN

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