What to Say in a twine Intro Video
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An intro video is not only a great way to provide your guests some guidance on the twine experience but also a great opportunity to set the tone for the twine networking session.

We know finding the right words to include in your intro video can be difficult so here are a few key points to include as well as a sample script.

Key Points

Welcome! (Opening)

The best intro videos start with a warm welcome! Whether it's you or an executive sponsor this welcome should set the tone for the experience.

Why We’re here! (Body)

Provide guests with a brief overview of twine and some helpful tips on how to make the most out of their time. Share how how twine works for example, explain that twine matches are informal, serendipitous, and structured - conversations are timed and all include a stack of custom conversation starters. Mention the goal of the twine, for example, "building meaningful human connections through real conversations within each other".

Happy Networking (Closing)

Time for the closer! You’ve got your attendees pumped, you’ve reminded them why they’re here and how to make the most of the experience so there is only one thing left to do! Remind attendees to be themselves, have fun and enjoy their conversations!

Here's a sample script:

Welcome to twine - you’re about to meet colleagues in timed video chats.

twine is all about human connection.Human connection to me means...being yourself and actively listening.

You’re going to have a chance to learn something new and be curious together. This is a great opportunity to have meaningful and intentional conversations about topics we don’t get a chance to talk about in our work lives.

Let’s get started, I hope you have fun, learn more about each other, and connect!

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