Attendee How To Slide Template

Add a twine how to slide so that users know how to transition from your meeting to twine.

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Being a good virtual host is more than opening the virtual meeting on time and driving the agenda - it's empowering guests to feel included by providing them with the right level of instruction on how to engage.

If you are transitioning guests from a conferencing tool or webinar over to twine consider sharing a slide with some quick how to steps.

Copy & Paste Slide Template:

  1. Get ready Please turn your camera and mic off in the Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet etc.

  2. Getting started Upon clicking the twine link in chat you will join the networking session through twine’s online platform.

  3. The experience You’ll rotate through timed, one-on-one video chats.

  4. Conversation starters Each twine session has a virtual deck of question cards to spark meaningful dialogue.

  5. Be yourself! Speed networking is all about listening, sharing, and learning. Just be your authentic self and have fun!

twine requires your camera and microphones to be on. twine is a web based app and works best in Chrome, Firefox, and modern versions of Microsoft Edge. twine works on a desktop or ipad, twine is not currently mobile compatible.

For help chat with our team here! Please do not unmute yourself in the meeting.





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