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A twine co-brand includes a custom subdomain, authentication page, and background image. Follow these steps and work with your twine representative to implement your co-brand.

Step 1: Pick the Right Subdomain!

Your subdomain should be something that represents your organization rather than a single event, this way it can be used for various events held by your organization.

Here is an example:

Step 2: Create Assets to Customize the Authentication Page

Now that we’ve settled on a subdomain, let’s discuss the twine authentication page. This is the first thing your attendees will see upon entering a networking session. This should mirror the branding of your organization or your specific program.

Using the dimensions shown below, provide your twine representative with assets that best represent your organization or program. In addition to the images, you can customize the title and subtitle on this page.

Before Co-Branding:

With Co-Branding:

Authentication Page Asset Dimensions:

Header Image - (Hero Image) - 840 x 240 png

Event Logo - (Main Logo) - 180 x 180 png

Authentication Page Text:

Title - 100 Characters. Example: "Welcome to Speed Networking"

Sub Title - 100 Characters. Example: "Ready to meet fellow attendees? Sign up / log in below to enter."

Step 3: Create a Custom Background Image for the twine Rooms

The final step to completing your co-brand is customizing a background image for your twine networking room/s and providing a header logo.

Please see the dimensions below for what is needed. A best practice is to not include text in your background image, we don't want the twine user interface to cut off any text.

Before Co-Branding:

With Co-Branding:

Networking Room Asset Dimensions:

Header Logo (shown in the top left corner) - 180x56px png

Background Image

1280 x 720 = 720p
1920 x 1080 = 1080p <--- Twine preferred size
2560 x 1440 = 1440 (Full HD)

For additional questions please connect with your twine representative or contact

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