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twine is not another virtual meeting, you know this. Let's make sure your users do too!

  1. Let them know what to expect twine is a very fun yet choreographed (conversations are timed) way to create meaningful connections. It's not a big time commitment and guests will leave feeling re-energized. Asking your team members to use a new software solution is always a bit tricky, so consider sharing this attendee how to video so that guests know what to expect and will feel more comfortable joining twine.

  2. Make the twine join link super accessible: The twine join link is all a user needs to join the networking session you created. List the twine join link in multiple places; in a calendar invite, in slack, in MS Teams, and in email reminders. We recommend sending out a reminder 24 hours and 1 hour before the event with the link to keep it at the top of your guests’ inbox.

  3. Encourage leaders to join: twine is a great tool for leaders, it gives them the opportunity to connect with individuals they might not otherwise have the chance to meet. It also gets guests excited to join, can you imagine a 5 minute conversation with your CEO? Creating connection in a remote first world requires intention, and the more your leadership team can model a commitment to these experiences, the more likely it will succeed with the rest of the team.

  4. Schedule a dedicated time for your guests to twine: Make sure your twine networking session is at a time that is convenient for the most amount of users to join. If you're engaging multiple regions consider creating two networking sessions, one for each time zone. If using twine at a multi day event be sure twine does not conflict with other programming that is happening at the event. Consider this format:

    • 30 Minute Morning Coffee Roulette twine - opportunities for attendees to warm up to the event and meet some of their peers face to face

    • 60 Minute Lunch twine - to break up the day

    • 30 Minute Post Keynote Speed Networking twine - an opportunity for users to digest what they just learned together.
      On average we see twine deployed 3-5 times during a multi-day program. You're not limited in how many twine networking sessions you host at your event but be warned, more is not always better - it's important to be thoughtful with your event design.

  5. Incentivize users to join: Who doesn't love an easy opportunity to win something? twine analytics provide amazing insights into how your networking session performed. These same analytics can be used to add a gamification element to your event and reward your guests. Below is a short list of what we can measure and how you might incentivize your guests.

    • How many matches a user has had - "Users with over 5 matches are entered into our iPad raffle"

    • Who matched with who and when - "Our CEO will be in the networking room! Iif you are their second match you win a $200 travel voucher"

    • How many twine sessions a user attends - "Join all 3 networking sessions to earn 10 points at the event"

    • Who has filled in their twine profile (added a picture and or a bio) - "Enrich your twine profile and earn 15 points"

Who had the most amount of conversations in the twine session (aka who topped the session leaderboard) - "Top 10 twine networkers will be sent a gift basket"

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