How to Join a twine Networking Session

Preparing to join a twine networking session as an attendee? Here is a step by step on what to expect.

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What is twine?

twine creates serendipitous connections by pairing participants for timed video conversations. To help guide the discussion in a meaningful, engaging direction, each match comes with a set of conversation starters. Once the time ends on a twine match you can immediately join another or leave and come back within the time limit of the event.

How it Works in 4 Simple Steps :

  1. Getting started Upon clicking the twine join link you will join the networking session through twine’s online platform.

  2. The experience You’ll rotate through timed video chats with others in attendance at the twine networking session.

  3. Conversation starters Each twine session has a virtual deck of question cards to spark meaningful dialogue.

  4. Be yourself! Speed networking is all about listening, sharing, and learning. Just be your authentic self and have fun!

How it Works with Visuals:

  1. Authenticate: When joining a twine networking session you'll first be asked to authenticate or confirm your login details. Please note: This login page might look a little different if you are joining a branded twine experience.

  2. Check your AV settings: Check your speaker, microphone, and camera settings, if this all checks out click "Save Settings".

  3. Prepare to join the session: Once you've clicked "Save Settings" you'll either see an intro video or be funneled straight into the twine matching pool to connect with others in the room.

  4. Let twine guide you: twine is a highly facilitated experience that guides you through each step of the process. Once rounds are open click "Join the Conversation" and wait while our system finds you a match. Once twine has found you a match you'll get a screen with the users profile and a countdown.

  5. Enjoy the conversation: When in a conversation here is what to expect - you will see your partner center screen and yourself in the upper right corner as well as a countdown timer (be sure to monitor this as your converse). Below the stack of conversation starters you'll see several tools.

    • If you experience an AV issue click the settings gear to adjust your mic or camera.

    • Use the refresh button to refresh your connection (only if it's bad)

    • Click share "Share Screen" to share a screen on your desktop

    • If you would like to keep in contact with you match click the person icon in the bottom bar and share your contact information. This sends your match an email with your contact details.

  6. Join another: Once time is up on a match twine will funnel you back to the matching pool for another conversation. Here you'll be asked for your feedback on the conversation and be prompted to join another. Simply click "Join the Conversation" for your next match.

  7. Give us your feedback: As the twine networking session ends, or as you leave the twine we'll ask for some feedback. Please let us know what you think!

Important note: twine is a camera on experience, when joining please prepare to have your camera and mic on. twine is a web based application and works best in Chrome, Firefox, modern versions of Microsoft Edge and Safari. Plan to join twine from your desktop or ipad.

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