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What Questions Spark Great Conversations?
What Questions Spark Great Conversations?

Explore Question Packs and Best Practices for Sparking Conversations

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Ever been in a terrible conversation you couldn't wait to get out of? 😳

After facilitating tens of thousands of conversations between strangers (and friends), we've figured out a hack to guarantee great conversations between anyone.

πŸ’‘ Anyone can have an amazing conversation...if you ask an interesting enough question.

That's why we curated Question Packs for you! Each pack is designed to spark conversations that lead to an outcome for your team or community. Because great questions lead to great conversations which leads to great outcomes for your people.

Ask yourself: What do you think is the most impactful conversation you could spark for your people?

If the answer is: Conversations that Build Trust, Practice Inclusivity or Help Others, you're all set - we've designed Question Packs for all these and more and you can just select them.

Otherwise, ping us and we'll help you design questions to create the outcome you're hoping for 🀝

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